Mobile Dustless Sandblasting
Queenstown Lakes District and Cromwell


Queenstown and Cromwell
Mobile Dustless Sandblasting System

Our Quill Falcon Mobile Dustless Sand/Media Blasting System uses an environmentally friendly garnet media in conjunction with water which makes the blasting so controlled. COMS can turn it right up to remove the heaviest rust from a sea cargo ship, and then turn it right down so we can etch any name, shape or whatever else your imagination wants into glass.

This has transformed how COMS approach various job, not just paint and corrosion removal for machinery and commercial truck refurbishment, but right down to safe road line removal, concrete aggregate exposure, oil stain removal, graffiti removal to name just a few!

And above all, there's no dust!

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Use the sliders (left = before, right = after) below to see before and after shots of what you too can achieve with COMS Mobile Dustless Sandblasting

If a job is simply impossible to bring to us, then we can bring our powerful mobile system to you, almost anywhere in the South Island!


We also provide road sweeping services, and hydro excavation with our fleet of Johnston and scarab machines.
No job too big or too small, we have the road or footpath sweeper for you!


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