Company director Joe Du-Noyer, started the business 5 years ago importing machinery for hire and sale. Being a diesel mechanic by trade, he found the need in the area for cosmetic refurbishment on machinery that he was purchasing here in New Zealand and overseas. After looking at the services already available in and outside Central Otago, he would have either needed to spend a lot of money transporting the machinery to an indoor facility or shed for dry blasting, or find a place where somebody with a mobile dry blaster could come to him and blast, but considering the massive dust clouds, environmental impact, and disturbance to neighbours!

After having experience in the past with dustless media blasting systems, and the need for it in the area, Joe purchased their new machine in 2015, a Quill Falcon fully Mobile Dustless Sand/Media Blasting System.

The system uses environmentally friendly garnet media in conjunction with water which makes the blasting so controlled, COMS can turn it right up to remove the heaviest rust from a sea cargo ship, and then turn it right down so they can etch any name, shape, or whatever else your imagination wants, into glass.

This has transformed how COMS approach various jobs now, not just paint and corrosion removal for machinery and commercial truck refurbishment, but right down to safe road line removal, concrete aggregate exposure, oil stain removal, graffiti removal to name just a few!

And above all, there's no dust!

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